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An advanced range of packaging tapes loaded with features and benefits that reduce costs and improve usability compared with standard tapes.  The big 150m roll length means less roll changes and operator downtime.

E-tape’s small core ensures this space saving system has 127% more tape per roll than standard 66m rolls, whilst keeping the same overall diameter, resulting in 56% reduction in packaging waste and occupies less than half the space.  Combined with its unique ergonomically designed dispenser, which includes a safety retracting blade and silencing technology, E-Tape offers unparalleled performance in tape sealing solutions.

Best-selling E-Tape Plus is a reliable all-purpose packaging tape offering outstanding value.  Different adhesive qualities are sometimes necessary for use with boxes and cardboard products which is where E-Tape Silver can help with its high tack and good resistance to changing environments.  Top of the range E-Tape 2 is the premium quality, high performance option.  Contact our helpful sales team for a free E-Tape trial to prove the advantages yourself.

BondMark™ compliant E-Tape is stocked in clear, brown, coloured and printed options, and demonstrates our continual committal to bring laboursaving, effective commodities to you which conform to international packaging standards.

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Code Size (width x length) Grade Colour Pack Qty
EPL48T 48mm x 150m (2" x 164yd) E Tape Plus Clear 36 rolls
EPL48B 48mm x 150m (2" x 164yd) E Tape Plus Brown 36 rolls
ETPF2 48mm x 150m (2" x 164yd) E Tape Plus White/Red FRAGILE 36 rolls
ESV48T 48mm x 150m (2" x 164yd) E Tape Silver Clear 36 rolls
ETAPE2T 48mm x 150m (2" x 164yd) E Tape 2 Clear 36 rolls